These SCR Video Content & Art & Mind Documentaries showcase my Canva, Splice, CapCut & Procreate skillset. All videos have captioning (open captioning or closed captioning) for disability accessibility and self-ids for those who are blind or low-vision. In addition, all Art & Mind artist documentaries have artwork descriptions incorporated for blind or low vision people. These videos also showcase my art directing skills, dedication to disability accessible video content, and ability to manage multiple creatives at once.
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Art & Mind 2023: I Know Who I Am! Documentaries
“A 50% Chance of Paralysis: Get Ahead of Life Before Life Gets Ahead of You!”
A film in collaboration with Australian disabled composer & creative Mel Chilianis, our Assistant Art Director Linlin Yu, Assistant Graphic Designer Nabila Nugroho, and one of our featured artists, SabiLewSounds.
A film Co-directed by me & my Mom, Claire Jones, and her cancer journey, incorporating original music, spoken word performances, narration, and clips of her during treatment.
“Art & Mind: I Know Who I Am! Journeys of Women of Color & Femme-Expressing Creatives”
Featuring collaborations between me, my Mom, the aforementioned Art Direction Team & artists Haisi Hu, Kai Thaís, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, Tennesha Skyers & SabiLewSounds.
“Blues Into Green” Spoken Word Visualizer - in Collaboration with Black Disabled Mental Advocate & Poet Jacquese Armstrong 
“Art Direction Team Showcase” - Learn about this core team of four I managed over an 11 month period. We had a total of 15 team members who flowed in and out. 
Featuring Assistant Art Director Linlin Yu, Assistant Graphic Designer & Assistant Video Editor Nabila Nugroho, Composer Mel Chilianis & Advisor/Script Editor Cristina Deptula
View the Art & Mind 2021 Documentaries
Video Tutorials
Art & Mind 2023 Open Call Submission Guide 
This is a tutorial created by my Mom and I, edited by me. This tutorial breaks down the accessibility requirements for creatives interested in submitting, such as artwork descriptions and self-id. Many visuals are showcased for ease of learning. This video coincided with a disability accessible Jotform, a downloadable Google Document Submission Guide breaking down all questions to prepare creatives before they accessed the form, and downloadable guidelines for performance artists & visual artists. At the end of the form, creatives were given a checklist to confirm all guidelines were followed. Having several options ensures disability accessibility
Art & Mind Trailers 
Virtual Workshops
August 2023 Boston Public Library Virtual Workshop - “A 50% Chance of Paralysis: How I Utilized Journaling During Cancer Treatment”​​​​​​​
This is the first Sista Creatives Rising workshop opportunity we received. With 50+ sign ups and high audience participation, my Mom and I collaborated on this virtual event to teach others the healing power of art & writing. I managed the art direction of the presentation, which included videos showcasing my Mom’s artwork and cancer story, an interactive slideshow where the audience was encouraged to utilize creative tools as additions to their personal healing, and dynamic Canva animations. I was also the Accessibility Coordinator for the workshop, making sure that self-ids, live image & artwork descriptions, and open captioned videos were incorporated. In addition, I added closed captioning for the 1 1/2 hour recording you see below. I gathered the tools I learned from my residency, Socially Distant Art, a virtual group that teaches artists how to make their artwork disability accessible.

On August 10th 2023, in partnership with Boston Public Library, Claire Jones of Sista Creatives Rising presented "A 50% Chance of Paralysis: How I Utilized Journaling as Self-Reflection During Cancer Treatment," where she discusses how writing is like oxygen and helps her heal. Claire Jones is a DV and cancer survivor, Buddhist, Frances Perkins Scholar, and Mount Holyoke graduate. Goalcast, BestSelf Media, YOPP published her works. In 2020 she spoke virtually to DV activists at YWCA Central MA, and in 2022 she spoke at the Voices of Women International Women’s Day Summit. She's the co-founder of Sista Creatives Rising and "Art & Mind," which showcases creative folk who are underrepresented women and marginalized genders.
 Claire’s Call To Action: Get Ahead of Your Life Before Your Life Gets Ahead of You 
Cancer is no longer 'ongoing' for her, but the process to combat the underlying issues that cause cancer is ongoing. Writing and speaking about her cancer journey is helping her to heal. In order for cancer to not return, she must live a disciplined life of vigilance, diligence, and consistency. She does this daily via a personal 5 step system she devised and implement daily to keep her centered called, ClarityIsJustSoHip: 'Clarity, Awareness, Presence, Acceptance and Gratitude.’

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