"Anomie" with voiceover by Justine Rea, a spoken word poem, "Shock" by Nicole Rose Julian, and assistance from Davy Andrek

"Anomie" is the first full-length comic I made for this series. "Anomie" is a semi-autobiographical comic based on my experiences with PTSD caused by trauma from ongoing, severe racism and bullying. It's a bit of Sarah's origin story on how bullying, oppression, and ostracization led to her struggling with her identity, mental health/PTSD, and outer appearance. No community, including her community of rabbits, accepts her because of her thick, kinky hair, taller-than-average height, and albinism. As someone who experiences PTSD nightmares, this comic communicates the feeling of those horrible trauma-induced dreams. When reaching out to the few Black people I met in my community and most of my family, I was rejected due to being open about mental and chronic illness and being Buddhist. When standing up to racism in my community via my anti-bullying project, "Do You Know Who I Am?" that addressed racism and my own experiences, I was ostracized by teachers and the principal. As a result, I became homeschooled online. This led to me feeling a lack of support in society and an identity crisis.
This comic was featured by LA mental health non-profit, "The Painted Brain" for their disability art show, "Discovering a Place for Us"

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